Insurance Information

Insurance Information

As a general rule no referral is required to be seen in our office with the exception of patients with Medicaid.
All Medicaid recipients require a referral to see any specialist.

Patients are responsible for payment on the day the services are rendered including insurance co-pays and deductibles. Alta Ridge Foot Specialists accepts Visa, Mastercard, and many debit cards. We participate with most insurance plans.

As a courtesy, our staff calls to verify benefits from the insurance information provided by the patient. This quote is NOT a guarantee that benefits will be paid. Information provided by the customer service representative may be inaccurate. Alta Ridge Foot Specialists will not be responsible for any inconsistencies in quotes from insurances and actual payments by the insurance. Patients are encouraged to review their benefit plan booklet provided by their employer and/ or insurance company.

Alta Ridge Foot Specialists is NOT part of the Mission Health System, and therefore BCBS patients may feel comfortable knowing that we are still an IN-NETWORK provider for BCBS. Also, unless you are a patient that has Medicaid or United Compass plans, NO REFERRAL is needed to see our physicians.

Simply call and make an appointment!

If you have any questions about our payment and insurance policy, please call our office at (828) 680-1161 – Mars Hill, (828) 766-7667 – Spruce Pine or (828) 386-1849 – Boone.